When I was pregnant, we didn't found out our baby's gender. Surprise! And I thought my son was a girl the whole time. (You can read more about that subject in my article "Babe's Anatomy" in the April 2013 issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine.) Back then, we also lived in a one-bedroom apartment and my "nursery" space was just a nook beside our bed. But eventually we moved into a bigger place and, for the last few months, we've had a blast playing around with Townes' room to make it a playful, engaging & inspiring nursery. Want to take a peek inside? 

We live in a pre-war building in Manhattan and had two main design challenges with this particular space, things we couldn't do anything about: the room is small and narrow, and there's an eyesore caged heating unit in the corner that you can't block for safety reasons. So we played around with the nursery floorplan and changed it several times to make it work for our needs and furniture, like the oval Stokke crib and front-facing Stokke changing table. 

Since we love to read books to Townes, having a comfortable, inviting reading area was a priority. I have a ton of children's books (obviously), both recently released titles and beloved books from my childhood (there's another full bookshelf in the closet, and I rotate the books out each week.)


 Our family reading time is so special to us! And this furry pouf is crazy comfortable. 

I've always been anti overly-thematic rooms in the past, but as the nursery evolved (it was inspired by the wallpaper), we tossed in some new-and-vintage equine elements to pull together the color story of aqua, grey & white with pops of walnut, navy, and orange-red. 

I had planned on a DIY chandelier, but alas, I just don't have the time and haven't found one out there that I want, so the standard light fixture stays for now. Is a room ever finished anyways? Not in my apartment!

But I'm so happy with how it's all come together – the space feels modern, cheerful, and comfortable, and most importantly, Townes loves playing in his room. We're working on the sleeping part. So the nursery's a decorating success in our eyes. 

P.S. My husband wanted this post to be titled, "Townsie's Baby Cave." Ha! That's probably better.


Have a question? Drop a comment below and I'll try to answer. Here's the source list for the room & links to applicable product reviews. 


Wallpaper: Curio & Curio horse temporary wallpaper in aqua from The Wall Sticker Company (reviewed here.)

Curtains: West Elm (readers may remember that I used to have Anthropologie ones; I changed them.)

Floor Rug: Custom made design from FLOR (reviewed here.) 

Changing Table: Stokke Care (review forthcoming. details here.)

Crib: Stokke Sleepi (review forthcoming. details here.)

Baby Photo Art: IKEA frame, photography by Nicole Rosemarie Photography (read here.) 

Handmade Cloud Mobile: Made by Mosey / ETSY (details here.) 

Handmade Unicorn Fauxdermy Head: Dwell Studio

Grey T wall letter: Pottery Barn Kids

Monogrammed Wooden Blocks: Little Sapling Toys 

Corner Shelf Lamp: IKEA

Grey Elephant Stuffed Animal: Anthropologie

Navy Handmade Ceramic Star Egg Nightlight: J.Schatz (details here.) 

Rose-Grey Baby Blanket on Crib: Stokke

Handmade Polkadot Crib Blanket: Tiny Fete / ETSY (details here.) 

Recycled Redwood Mirror: Anthropologie

Wall Bookshelves: IKEA picture ledges (books details here.)

Furry Beanbag: Pottery Barn Teen large "furilicious" bean bag

Pillows: variety of pillow covers either handmade, or ordered from Pillow Happy or West Elm

Horseshoe above door: Anthropologie

Walrus Storage Bag: 3 Sprouts

Digital Video Monitor/Camera: Summer Infant BabyTouch (reviewed here.) 

Handmade Dolls: Bla Bla Kids (details here.) 

Framed Horse Lithograph Picture: Vintage 1937 French Dictionary Page, Green Shed Vintage / ETSY

Navy Blue Light Switch Plate Cover: Recycled Blueberries for Sal image, Recycle Moe / ETSY

Door Tidings + Garland Decal in Gold: Shauna Murray

Wall Color: We didn't paint – this is the standard shade for our building's apartments. 



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