Townes is two months old! Sticky Bellies sent us the Nifty Neutrals Milestone Stickers to celebrate, and so we had a little photo shoot in our bedroom. Want to peek at a few pics and learn more about the Sticky Bellies product? Read on...

Sticky Bellies are removeable stickers that help parents photograph & document their child's milestones (also – they have pregnancy stickers! why didn't I know about this before?!). Townes is growing and changing on a day-to-day basis, so it was fun to have a visual representation of his age (and it makes things easier when editing photographs and remembering milestones later.) 


Testing Parameters:

Product: Sticky Bellies Nifty Neutrals Milestone Stickers

Time Frame: 1 Day

Testing Location: New York City 

A pack of Sticky Bellies (which costs $14.99) comes with twelve (safe!) stickers – one for each month. In case it's not obvious enough, you just place the stickers on the child's shirt. We used a plain white onesie because the sticker was so colorful.

For such a simple concept, I'm a little surprised that there are not more Sticky Bellies designs. The ones available are a little.... Party City-esque? I'd love to see a more modern-infused series with a fresh font and more toned-down colors for us neutral-loving people. Something like this. Then the consumer could play more around with outfitting the child in bright colors, patterns, and so forth. There's also design opportunity to keep in line with the current trends (i.e. yellow and grey combos, the chevron craze, etc.) So I'm looking forward to seeing what Sticky Bellies has up their sleeve for future product launches!

We did our little photo shoot on our bed and tried a variety of posing positions to see what worked and didn't work (i.e. if Townes would cooperate!). It ended up being a blast, and we loved documenting Townes' different expressions at this age. I mean, he just kills me. Look at this face! 

You could get really creative with these milestone photo sessions. I'd love to do a black and white series (maybe at three months?) and make a few old-school style photo strips to hang in the nursery (learn more about how to do that here.) This summer, when Townes is a little older, I plan on taking him to Central Park for a milestone photo sesh. Don't be afraid of the non-smiley or tear-filled photos – it helps to document the child's age and personality. The Sticky Bellies blog has a bunch of great ideas & tips for budding photographers, so be sure to check it out!  

Oh, and no worries if your child doesn't cooperate with the photo session. That happened to me too at one point. You can just peel the sticker off, put it back on the original wax backing, and try again later. But eventually it'll lose its stickiness, as all stickers do.


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Disclosure: Sticky Bellies provided me with a set of Milestone Stickers for this review (LEVEL 1). I was not compensated for this post and, as always, opinions are my own. Read my full product review policy and disclosure here.



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