In the market for a breastmilk warmer and bottle warmer? Here's what I thought of the Kiinde Kozii...


Imagine this. It's three o'clock in the morning. The baby just woke you up with his crying, and you know it's time for his next meal. You elbow your spouse next to you. "PLEASE..." you say in zombie-like fashion. "PLEASE FEED THE BABY.... I'M SO TIRED." 

Well, this is what happens in my household sometimes. Over the last few weeks, we've been taking turns caring for Townes on the night shift. So when Kiinde offered to ship me a Kozii to review, I almost said, "Can you overnight it?"


Testing Parameters:

Product: Kiinde Kozii

Time Frame: 1 week

Testing Location: New York City 

The Kozii is out-of-the-box easy to set up. You can have it going within minutes and it takes us minimal counter space. The Kozii is billed as fast as steam, safe as warm tap water, and as simple to use as the microwave. It follows CDC and USDA safety guidelines so you can be rest assured that your little one's meal is still chock-full of nutrients and about as warm as warm tap water, no matter the type of bag or bottle you use. Learn more about the Kozii's safe heating method.

I'm still nursing, so I can easily pump before going to bed, stick the bottle in the fridge or accumulate a supply of frozen bags, and my husband can gently, easily and *safely* warm the baby's meal so I get a little extra shut eye at night. HALLELUJAH! 

The Kiinde Kozii retails for under $70. It's incredibly simple to operate & easy to use. Let me show you.


*not intended to serve as official product directions! always read and follow the Kozii's safety & product guidelines.

Warmed bottle, happy baby.

See Townes snacking away in the middle of the night?


The beauty of this product is that it's easy to use, takes up minimal space, works quickly, and, most importantly, is safe for the child. It'd be a great baby shower gift or present for a mother headed back to work. The Kozii's sleek design and white color are also visually appealing (translation: it's not gonna ugly up your countertop.)

We've loved the convenience of this bottle warming method and the dark circles under my eyes are starting to disappear (um, right? one can hope?). Thanks Kiinde for giving me a little more sleep at night! You've got a new fan.


Learn more about the Kiinde brand.

Be sure to follow the official instructions & safety guidelines.

Fan Kiinde on Facebook.

Check out the official product video

Buy the Kozii.


P.S. I love it when companies have a strong social media presence. Kiinde seems to be active on Facebook, but I couldn't find a Twitter account for the company. If you secure their link/handle, please share below.


Disclosure: Kiinde provided me with a Kozii for this review (LEVEL 1). I was not compensated for this post and, as always, opinions are my own. Read my full product review policy and disclosure here. 



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AuthorJodi Kendall