Have you heard of Pura? All of Pura's bottles are made from 100% recyclable, food grade stainless steel. There's no plastic whatsoever. Pura sent me a wealth of information regarding independent research on plastics and the company's eco-progression mission, along with two bottles to review: a Pura Kiki infant bottle with a silicone sleeve, and a .6L adult (or older child) steel bottle. If you're in the market for non-plastic bottles (especially for an infant or toddler), read on for some more info on the Pura company and these two stainless steel products...

Testing Parameters:

Product: Pura Stainless Pura Kiki Infant Bottle and 0.6L Adult Bottle

Notes: Bottles are Stainless Steel and 100% plastic-free

Time Frame: 2 Months

Testing Locations: New York City

Right now there's a lot of talk about BPA-free plastics releasing chemicals. A recent study (July, 2011) concluded that almost all their 450 commercially available plastic samples (bought from Walmart, Whole Foods, etc) leached hormone-like chemicals. Although the testing didn't evaluate health risks, the researchers posed a question – can even BPA-free plastic products release estrogen-like chemicals into your food and beverages? (you can learn more about this particular study's conclusion at this NPR link, read Pura's position and facts on the matter, and draw your own opinion on the matter.) 

With so much of our food and beverages shipped, bottled, stored, served, packaged and presented in plastics these days, a shift toward plastic-alternatives – like stainless steel products – may interest consumers concerned about potential health risks related to chemical exposure. 

Enter Pura, a company that states their bottles are "the safest available on the market today." All of Pura's bottles are made from 100% recyclable, food grade stainless steel. There's no plastic whatsoever. They're durable, and using a long-lasting beverage bottle is an important way to reduce our dependecy on plastics (especially one-time use products... I once blogged about this for the National Geographic Channel.) And Pura backs their products with a lifetime warranty.

First, my thoughts on the adult Pura Stainless 0.6L stainless steel bottle. Above, you can see the bottle on the corner of my yoga mat (Remember that day? It's the Bikram Yoga class in the heart of Times Square on the Summer Solstice. I've blogged about it the last two years.) 

Some thoughts on the design: I like the flat cap of the bottle, but you have to be careful that the ring is spun in correctly or there's potential for liquid leakage if you think it's closed and it's really not sealed. One time it leaked a bit in the diaper bag. This Pura bottle's mouth is wide enough to stuff in ice cubes (which I rarely do), clean with a scrub brush (I always handwash), and drink from without having water spilling down your chin. 

But if you're carting around cold liquid, this stainless steel bottle sweats, FYI, so I'd recommend getting a silicone sleeve. The design is attractive, it's easy to grip. The 0.6L size is a little small for my needs (especially for a Bikram yoga class!) but would be perfect for an older child or a light workout, running errands for a bit, going for a walk, and that sort of thing. This Pura bottle also fits easily in cup holders, like the ones on strollers I've been testing this year. 

photo credit: pura

The Pura Kiki bottle was a lot of fun to test out (pics below.) The design is patent-pending at the moment, but these bottles can grow with your child. So an infant bottle can be converted into a spill-proof toddler sippy bottle by just swapping a few accessories (the nipple and spouts.) I like that you can swap out a different vendor's nipple if your child prefers it over the Pura design. We actually did this because the Pura nipple flow we received was too fast for my son's needs and he preferred a Born Free nipple, and it was easy to switch them out and it didn't leak at all. 

photo credit: pura

In general, we've been using a lot of glass bottles as of late, and I appreciated how the stainless steel design of the Pura Kiki is durable and won't break like glass can. There's no hard edges, so it's safe for little fingers, and there's handy volume markings on the inside of the bottle. And the no-spill silicone travel cap worked great. I was able to warm breastmilk in this bottle (note temperature restrictions.) My son likes touching the silicone sleeve, and this accessory also helps insulate the liquid inside the Pura Kiki and eliminate the sweating (which I mentioned above.) I usually handwash all bottles, but note that if you wash these in the top rack of the dishwater, wait until these stainless steel bottles cool before you touch them.

Pura Kiki bottles were independently certified to be 100% BPA-free, 100% phthalate-free, 100% lead-free and 100% PVC free. And they state that the paint used is safe. These Kiki bottles come with a high price tag – at almost $14 each – but are long-lasting, plastic-free, and are able to grow with your child through the years. 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Pura is getting a lot of buzz out for their stainless steel, 100% plastic-free products. If you're concerned about plastic use and the potential leaching of chemicals, these bottles are definitely worth checking out. (Although I wish the bottles were manufactured in the USA – Pura bottles are made in China.) Yes, they're expensive, and as I would recommend purchasing a silicone sleeve with the bottle, you're looking upwards of a twenty dollar cost per bottle, depending on the size and style. But during the testing period I found the Pura adult bottle and Pura Kiki infant bottle to be durable (they didn't chip or dent, so toddlers can drop them and they'll hold up), and I think they'll last a long time. Stainless steel is resistant to deterioration, staining, and bacteria. These bottles can grow with your child, have a nice wide mouth for drinking and cleaning, and the company backs their products with a lifetime warranty. During the testing period, my son was between the ages of 4-6 months, so I don't know if these bottles would have helped reduce colic-like symptoms (gas, etc) when he was a newborn and can't speak to that. But I liked being able to swap nipples on the Pura Kiki to one with a flow that he prefers. The adult bottle I tested is great – I use it almost every day when we go strolling in the park (we walk 2-4 miles a day.) From an aesthetic standpoint, these bottles are attractive and have eye-catching colors, sure to please a little one. So if you're looking to limit your exposure (and your family's...) to plastics, Pura stainless steel bottles are certainly worth trying out. 


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