We evacuated Cape Hatteras last Thursday as Hurricane Arthur swept through OBX (thankfully, all seems well in the area in his aftermath) and had a quick 36-hours back home in New York. Did you have a good Fourth of July? The city moved the fireworks to the Eastside this year. Bummer for us. It was a lot more convenient to walk across the street for the big show. So we didn't end up making the trek that evening and just pretended the little snap and pops we saw in OBX counted as Independence Day celebrations. 

My son and I flew down to Florida yesterday, and we'll be here for the remainder of the month, spending time with my friends and family while I work remotely. Hopefully we'll have a few nice beach days too. 

This afternoon I'm working on Chapter 7 of SOME PIG IN THE CITY. Not the most glamorous view from the Panera Bread patio, but I have lots of work to crank out... Oh! And I cut six inches off my hair. I feel free. 


AuthorJodi Kendall

I'm wayyyy behind on blogging, but we're on vacation in the Outer Banks right now and loving every moment of family time! I'll post updates & photos one of these days, but with lots of travel and client projects on the horizon, I'm not quite sure when I can get to it. 

In the meantime, a little round-up of links:

On the YA Muses blog last week, I talked about my Creative Partners Project for Storybird.

I posted Chapter 6 of SOME PIG IN THE CITY, my serialized middle grade story for Storybird, and several new Author's Notebook posts. 

I cracked open THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS on the beach and am loving it so far! Have you read this new book by Elizabeth Gilbert? 

The Freshman Fifteens, a group of 15 authors publishing debut Young Adult novels in 2015 (some of them are friends of mine!), are teaming with online writing community Wattpad to organize a writing and mentoring contest that opened for entries on June 30. So awesome! Enter! 

Fabulous news announced last week: Guinevere de la Mare from Chronicle Books (!!!!) is joining Storybird

Last week for the Summer Solstice, I took part in the Bikram Yoga in Times Square event for the fourth year. It's my favorite annual NYC event! Photos & videos here. It's free! Add it to your 2015 Calendar of Events, if yoga's your thing. 

Also, I saw Aladdin on Broadway a week or two ago – If you're a fan of the movie, it's pretty much identical. The Genie stole the show! And yes, A Whole New World is performed on a magic carpet ride, which is equally cheesy and thrilling. 

I tried CrossFit for the first time. I required two bands to complete a pull-up in good form, but the workout was awesome and I was sore for three days. I think I'm going to do the Foundations/Elements classes. 

Summer means free outdoor concerts in many NYC-area parks, but we've recently taken to the ones in Riverside Park on the UWS. It's been the perfect weekend activity to meet up with friends, have our kids play together, and eat & drink while listening to music. Info here

I post more frequent updates on life, travel & work on my Facebook page. Hope everyone is having a lovely Summer! xo 

AuthorJodi Kendall

I was in Los Angeles for a few days last week, and one of the highlights of the trip was working on Chapter 5 of SOME PIG IN THE CITY (which you can read here.) It was a tough chapter to write – the hardest chapter by far! I tell you why in my first Author's Notebook entry at Storybird. Thanks for reading along!

{Learn about my role in Storybird's Creative Partners Program here}

Observing + writing during a Level 5 gymnastics work-out in Pasadena, California. Read all about this inspiration day in the Author's Notebook post at Storybird.

Observing + writing during a Level 5 gymnastics work-out in Pasadena, California. Read all about this inspiration day in the Author's Notebook post at Storybird.